Cinéma du Parc is a small independently run movie theatre that prides itself on screening the best selection of classic, foreign and director-oriented films. The lighthearted comparison of their DIY establishment is put in playful contrast to some of the world’s highest art related destinations.
Agency : Les Évadés
Creative Directors : Jack Latulippe, Charles Gagnon
Art Director : Martin Dupuis
Copywrite r: Pascal Lefebvre
Illustrator : Sébastien Thibault
2016 Applied Arts Award - Poster series: Hitchcock, Kubrick, Herzog
2016 Applied Arts Award - Poster single: Hitchcock
2016 Applied Arts Award - Poster single: Herzog
2016 Applied Arts Award - Craft Illustration poster single: Hitchcock
2016 Grafika – Affiche publicitaire, Prix
2015 Featured in Warren G. Flowers Gallery Modern Living: Selections from Visual arts Alumni 2015

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