This is the identity and the packaging for a camomile tea brand. 
The objective is to stand out from other tea brands.
The writing is as provocative as is the cup's color. As instance, one message is "Calm the f*ck down, take 5 minutes, have a warm tea and enjoy fuckin' inner peace". Obviously, this is for a mature audience who's dealing with stress.
Calm-the-F*ck-Down-Magic-Tea's Guide to Inner Peace :
1. Tell your stresses to lay the fuck back.
2. Shut down every screen around you... Except for the one that displays a sweet fireplace.
3. Put on some music that was recorded on LSD.
4. Boil some water... Make it reaaal hot.
5. Put that same water in a cup that preferably says : "I'm a Boss".
6. Calm the f*ck down & enjoy some inner peace, bitch.
GET HIGH Quality tea.

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